[FFmpeg-user] SCTE-35 passthrough in transcoding process

jamesed84.it at gmail.com jamesed84.it at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 17:56:38 EET 2020

>A few years back, there were developers working on scte 35 support in ffmpeg, and so far, the mpegts demuxer recognizes the SCTE 35 codec (due to the patch work written by >a certain Carlos Fernandez Sans). However, these threads were often mired by a lot of push-back by some developers here and these efforts did not amount to much. It's as if >they never wanted to see support for SCTE-35 event splicing enabled, for some reason(s) beyond the quality of code committed then.
>Examples of such threads (one by Anshul Maheshwari):
>And works by Carlos:
>Of which only the codec ID info was merged:
>As things are at the moment,  the workflow you desire with SCTE-35 seems to be unsupported.

That’s what we were seeing from our searching as well. I do know that there are vendors that output cable channels after decryption with a cable card, with SCTE-35 that are using FFMPEG in the backend code. Silicon Dust with the now discontinued PRIME units for an example. Does anyone know how this is being facilitated?

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