[FFmpeg-user] Matroska segmented output changes video duration

andreymal me at andreymal.org
Thu Jan 30 20:34:28 EET 2020

>Why do you think that this is possible in the general case?

Why not? When I split, for example, 2s to 1s+1s, I expect 1s+1s=2s. As
far as I know, both mp4 and mkv are able to store frame times correctly,
so I expect basic arithmetic operations to work. There are some reasons
why I should think that 2+2=5 is fine?

> (Apart from the fact that I suspect -vsync passthrough sees
> significantly less testing than the default)

I know it, but okay, I tried not to use "-vsync passthrough", but the
duration is still 2 seconds longer.

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