[FFmpeg-user] Low CPU HQ format for local streaming?

Simon Roberts simon at dancingcloudservices.com
Wed Jul 1 01:43:29 EEST 2020

> > I need to find an encoding, and presumably a file type, that a) works in
> a
> > streaming format, and b) is as low CPU usage as possible. I don't
> believe I
> > care about bandwidth, this is just shipped from one process to another
> and
> > consumed in real time.
> >
> > I tried using rawvideo, but it crashes out. To distinguish the encoding
> > side from the decoding side, I used this command line:
> >
> > ffmpeg -i capture-4chan.mov -c:v rawvideo -f mpegts - | cat /dev/null
> >

> That happens because rawvideo is not a supported video codec in

> And apparently neither are prores nor PCM audio supported codecs.
> If you stream from ffmpeg to ffplay, the "nut" format may be a choice
> for you. It streams well, and it handles rawvideo as well as prores and
> PCM audio (I just tested with all of these).

This is all most helpful thank you! Being able to ship rawvideo across the
system bus rather than compressing it solely to decompress it again has
definitely reduced the CPU usage (though mpeg1video was quite low too and
an acceptable image for the purpose) so absent anything unexpected I think
this will be the route I take.

Many thanks Carl and Moritz

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