[FFmpeg-user] Audio sample format in alsa?

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Wed Jul 1 14:00:41 EEST 2020

Simon Roberts (12020-06-30):
> I get:
> [alsa @ 0x55ac7254fd80] cannot set sample format 0x10000 2 (Invalid
> argument)
> hw:1,0: Input/output error

This message could be made better. This is s16le, which should be the
most common format, but we never know.

> But I'm not sure where to start with configuring this sample format. Can
> someone point me in the right direction? I didn't find much in the alsa
> section of the online manual.

ALSA can be tricky. I suggest you try first to use the card with aplay,
fiddling with -f to find what format it supports. And then, when it
works, transpose this into ffmpeg options.

Or you could let ALSA make automatic conversions by using plughw instead
of hw.


  Nicolas George
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