[FFmpeg-user] Issue with pix_fmt yuvj444p and libx265

pdr0 pdr0 at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 4 04:01:49 EEST 2020

You can use -x265-params to pass x265 settings. In this case to specify
input-csp i444. 

Personally, I prefer to explicitly control the RGB=>YUV conversion with -vf
scale or zscale

ffmpeg -r 24 -loop 1 -i iybW.png -vf
scale=out_color_matrix=bt709:out_range=full,format=yuvj444p -c:v libx265
-crf 18 -x265-params input-csp=i444:colormatrix=bt709 -an -t 00:00:01

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