[FFmpeg-user] How do I increase the playback size of a video without rescaling it?

fowman ceperman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 09:04:48 EEST 2020

Jim DeLaHunt-2 wrote
> It seems like this is a question for the playback app, not for ffmpeg. 
> What are you using to play back the video? VLC? FFplay? Whatever player 
> the PS/3 has?

I'm on Linux (Mint) and I've used VLC and Xplayer; on the PS/3 it's whatever
it uses natively to play the mp4 file. Since they all show the same
behaviour, the common factor would appear to be the mp4 file, not the

The 720x576 video is a broadcast transmission recorded on a Humax box. The
1280x720 video is the output from OpenShot after editing the same file. I've
found that if I use the scale function in OpenShot and export the video
using a scale factor of 1.4 on both dimensions I get a video that plays with
the full horizontal width, and is still 1280x720 i.e. the scaling has done
something other than increase the number of pixels, and I don't understand
what this is.

OpenShot does not set the DAR in the exported file, I have to set it
subsequently using ffmpeg, but then I get a file that plays pretty much like
the original.

I agree it's not an ffmpeg issue /per se/, but I'm hoping that with the
video knowledge around this forum someone can tell me what the issue is and
how to fix it using ffmpeg.


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