[FFmpeg-user] How do I increase the playback size of a video without rescaling it?

fowman ceperman at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 20:13:19 EEST 2020

This command:
 > ffmpeg -i p.mp4 -t 1 -vf cropdetect -f null - 2>&1 | awk '/crop/ { print
$NF }' | tail -1
which I think confirms what you are saying: that the pillarboxing is the
result of cropped content and not something introduced by the metadata.

I will experiment with OpenShot. I'm guessing now that the scale function in
this editor can control the amount of cropping without changing the overall
resolution of the video, although why it crops in the first place is
something I still don't understand.

Many thanks for your help

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