[FFmpeg-user] Remote path of source files

Mario Brustia mario.brustia at meteotrecate.it
Thu Jul 23 15:42:09 EEST 2020

Hello, unfortunately it gives me an error with both http and https

*ffmpeg -framerate 10 -pattern_type glob -i 
"http://www.miosito/archivio_webcam/test/*.jpg" -vf zoompan=d=1 .... etc 

Error :*

*[mjpeg @ 0x1e77820] No JPEG data found in image
[image2 @ 0x1e76250] decoding for stream 0 failed


If I download the files from the remote server and put them in the 
working local directory, I have no problems

*ffmpeg -framerate 10 -pattern_type glob -i "*.jpg" -vf zoompan=d=1 ... 
etc etc...*


Il 20/07/2020 14:42, Nicolas George ha scritto:

Mario (12020-07-20):

> The webcam, however, normally saves on a remote server (www.mysite.it/myfolder/)
> Unfortunately, with this syntax it returns an error: it cannot find jpg

The blame lies with Google and other web browser vendors who thought it
was a good idea to hide part of the URL.

I strongly suggest you search how to show the real URL with your browser
of choice and enable that option. You'll discover the URL is probably
http://www.mysite.it/myfolder/, or possibly https://.


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