[FFmpeg-user] Illegal memory access when using nvdec

Dennis Mungai dmngaie at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 06:16:05 EET 2020

Hello there,

I've ran into some scenarios where a long running FFmpeg process configured
to use NVDEC crashes with the error message: illegal memory access,
something related to cuda.

I'm unable to consistently reproduce this issue with concurrent runs as I'm
transcoding live channels (provided as mpegts udp streams). When I'm back
on my desk I'll try to copy and paste the exact error message and the
FFmpeg command used.

Are there private options that can be passed to the NVDEC hwaccel for
maximum stability? I've seen the use of -extra_hw_frames 2 being
recommended on a related ticket which presented a segfault when handling
encodes with B-frames and deinterlace filter in the same flow, but I'm
unable to replicate such a workaround.

Warm regards,


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