[FFmpeg-user] [Discussion] FPGA vs GPU for Live Transcoding

Christian David davidchristia at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 08:47:55 EET 2020

Hi everyone, i was reading about FPGA solutions against traditional
solutions with GPUs (Nvidia at most times) for live video transcoding..

I work on an Cable TV operation and we're currently in lab using GPU
solutions for live channel transcoding with an Nvidia Quadro GPU, but
reading some articles i've seen that other platforms most famous like
Youtube, Twitch, Netflix and others are currently using FPGAs for video
transcoding, also changing the h264 codecs to the AV1 that improves the
bitrate (OTT Thanks you) and i have a question to do... someone here get
this path? what about costs? really pay the investments?

Thanks for reading and please give your opinion

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