[FFmpeg-user] Consequences to rude and hostile behaviour

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Sun Mar 1 12:05:49 EET 2020

Jim DeLaHunt (12020-03-01):
> I stand by my underlying observation, even if your situation is not a case
> in point. There are plenty of other examples, and I have had direct
> communications from contributors acknowledging the problem. The FFmpeg
> project includes rude and hostile behaviour, and that has consequences —
> that possible contributors are less likely to turn their good intentions
> into patches to the code and documentation of ffmpeg.

I think your intervention would have been more efficient if you had
chosen to make it in direct response to one of these rude behaviors.

The best way to force things to evolve for the good is to step in when
they are specifically bad.


  Nicolas George
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