[FFmpeg-user] Basic dash muxing

Jesús Aguilar Armijo jesus at itec.aau.at
Mon Mar 2 16:48:09 EET 2020

Dear ffmpeg community,

I want to perform a basic DASH segmentation. I took the DASH command 
example from the documentation and I tried to reduce it to the basics so 
I can learn better what I am doing, using 2 second segments. I 
previously did with HLS and it worked properly.
Using the following command: ffmpeg –i inputVideo.mp4 –seg_duration 2 
–c:a aac –c:v libx265 –f dash out.mpd
The output files are: “init-stream0.m4s, out.mpd, 
chunk-stream0-00001.m4s, chunk-stream0-00002.m4s”

1.- The input video is a 20 seconds h265 encoded video from a .yuv file, 
is that input correct? I understand that the dash command creates 
segments and manifest files from a previously encoded video, so it 
should be correct at my understanding.
2.- I am sure that there is something that I’m doing wrong because there 
should be 10 segments because of the 2 second segment option that I put 
in my command. Could you help me with the basic DASH command with 2 
second segments?

Thank you, I highly appreciate your time.

Kind regards.

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