[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg as an image streaming service?

Egil Möller egil at innovationgarage.no
Thu Mar 5 11:42:53 EET 2020


A camera generates a stream of still images in JPEG format that it dumps
in a directory. These needs to be transferred to another machine,
preferably using as little bandwidth as possible.


Encode to h264-video with keyframes every X images, send to other
machine, decode into images again.


It takes at least 9 images before the sending side starts outputting
anything, and the same on the receiving side, it takes quite a few
received frames before it writes any images, and it writes them in
batches. Why is this?

Side problem:

Without the -framerate 1 option, no output is generated at all until the
input pipe is closed.

Minimal example script:


I assume that all of this is frame rate related somehow. To be clear: I
want frames transmitted and received as soon as possible, and I don't
care at all for their timestamps, only their order.

Thanks in advance,

Egil Möller

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