[FFmpeg-user] ff* command lines that work

Robin A. Jensen RAJensen at youmail.dk
Mon Mar 9 23:59:56 EET 2020

Den 09-03-2020 kl. 22:44 skrev Mark Filipak:
> On 03/09/2020 05:10 PM, Robin A. Jensen via ffmpeg-user wrote:
>> This will work. It's for a .TS file containing 1 video track, 1 
>> subtitle teletext track with 4 subtitles and 2 sound tracks. We cut 
>> off some in the start and some in the ending.
>> ffmpeg -txt_format text -txt_page 599 -fix_sub_duration -ss 00:02:40 
>> -c:v h264_mmal -i 'Beck Øje for Øje (4).ts' -to 01:32:10 -map 0:0 
>> -c:v h264_omx -b:v 4800k -map 0:2 -c:a copy -map 0:1 -c:s:0 mov_text 
>> -metadata:s:s language=dan 'Beck(4).mp4'
> Thank you, Robin. I assume that 'text' is a text-URL. I also see that 
> you have not specified '-sexagesimal', yet the sexagesimal parameters 
> are recognized. Also, this provides welcome clues regarding '-map'.
> Also, it will help me to merge a video and a commentary sound track of 
> the same video subject that's from a differing source.
> _______________________________________________
The text is DVB-Teletext. -txt_page is the teletext page where the 
subtitles are. In this case Danish subtitles. In the stream there where 
3 others teletext as Swden, Norway and Finland. There where also 2 audio 
tracks danish and Norway. I don't know haw to make FFMPEG find the 
teletext page, so i just use VLC player to get the number for the 
subtitle i need.

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