[FFmpeg-user] Decoding DVB Sub to image format

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Thu Mar 12 21:23:54 EET 2020

Alexandre Bouin (12020-03-12):
> I would like to decode DVB Subtitle, or any bitmap based subtitles, to images (jpeg, png, bmp, …)
> I tried this command:
> ./ffmpeg -i myvideo.trp -an -vn toto.bmp -map 0:5 -c jpeg2000 toto%03d.mjpeg

> Invalid encoder type 'jpeg2000'

FFmpeg considers subtitles and video to be completely different nature;
images are considered short video. You cannot encode subtitles with
codecs meant for video.

You can force ffmpeg to convert bitmap subtitles to images by connecting
the subtitles to a complex filter graph. So this may work, maybe with a
little work:

ffmpeg -i myvideo.trp -lavfi '[0:5]null[out]' -map '[out]' ...


  Nicolas George
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