[FFmpeg-user] can't remove metadata

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 23:34:15 EET 2020


> It's replaced by the ffmpeg's default values and that's what I'm trying to
> avoid. I want to completely get rid of these things:
> https://prnt.sc/rfhi5k

I wonder if it’s impossible… As you say, if you leave it blank, it gets filled with the default values, but you can fake it by typing a space in the field. The tag will still show up with no value. 
% ffmpeg -y -i "E:\ts_sample_with_metadata.ts" -c copy -program program_num=0x1111:st=0:st=1 -metadata:p:0 service_name=" " -metadata:p:0 service_provider=" "  "E:\ts_sample_without_metadata.ts"

Ted Park

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