[FFmpeg-user] How to merge the segmented video files into one .MP4 video file?

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Fri Mar 13 11:27:10 EET 2020

My m3u8 file include the line :  #EXT-X-KEY:METHOD=AES-128,URI="";
but I can't find the file hls.key on my Android tablet. Maybe the file is a private file.please tell me how to get the file and copy it out? but I don't want to root.

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On 03/10/2020 20:51, Moritz Barsnick wrote:
> I installed an app with Android Tablet, and then downloaded a video
> through this app. Actually the app download a  .m3u8 file and several
> .ts files. The file list picture and  .m3u8 files See Attachment. How
> can I merge these files to generate an mp4 video file?

Usually, just
$ ffmpeg -i 1053645342_1.m3u8 -c copy output.mp4
should be sufficient.

In this case, the m3u8 "playlist" refernces a crypto key:


I don't know whether the Android app inserted or modified this line.
You will have to get hold of that key file, and modify that line to
point to its location.

Or better: Just use the original video location with ffmpeg:

$ ffmpeg -i http://server.example.com/path/to/1053645342_1.m3u8 -c copy output.mp4

ffmpeg will then pick up the key file and decrypt the video for you.

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