[FFmpeg-user] FFMpeg and H.323

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 16:15:06 EET 2020


> Is it possible for ffmpeg to produce a stream conforming to H.323?  As I
> understand it H.323 supports H.264 video and G.711 or OPUS audio.  I have
> an H.264 video stream, so would need to re-encode the audio, but then it
> needs packaging as H.323 and I haven't found anything on the web that does
> this yet.

I’m not surprised, H.323 covers infrastructure at a scope that is on a different level than ffmpeg, or any other single application for that matter.

Since it’s not a single standard I don’t really know what to say it supports, but it stipulates all endpoint (terminal) equipment be capable of both G.711 as a minimum, and H.261 if it has video capability. Any additional codec support is H.245 negotiated by connecting equipment. H.264 is commonly implemented, as well as speex (which I think you mean when you say opus) but neither capability is required.

Can you tell us more about the situation where you need to encode AV streams usable in a H.323 system out of band? There isn’t really a “packaging” step to speak of, and If you are creating a software based implementation the most ffmpeg is going to be of help to you is RTP. H.323 is more of a protocol than format.

Speaking generally, I guess you could say ffmpeg can produce a stream that conforms to H.323, (by encoding mu-law/a-law and optionally H.261 and using RTP) but anything else is going to depend on (all) the equipment facilitating session communication.

Ted Park

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