[FFmpeg-user] Understanding how to use FFmpeg on macOS

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 12:29:01 EET 2020


You don’t need binaries to be signed to run on Catalina. If you can run ffmpeg manually other programs probably will be able to as well. If apps have hardened runtime enabled (which is to say all notarized apps) then Gabry is right, usually they can’t use anything other than stuff included in the app and system libraries, but an app that asks for an external library location presumably has the entitlement granting them that exception.

As far as support, the quicktime framework has been deprecated on macOS and is unavailable in Catalina. The replacement is AVFoundtion which dropped support for a lot of features in the format, including some that are still in use (basically any function/codec not available 64bit). How did you convert the mts to a mov? I am pretty sure you have to change the underlying structure of the video to convert from one to the other.

Ted Park

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