[FFmpeg-user] On the recovery behavior of HLS muxer when slaved to tee'd fifo muxers in ffmpeg.

Dennis Mungai dmngaie at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 07:27:42 EET 2020

Four months ago, I posted a ticket on trac, #8387, see

Which described an anomaly with the recovery behavior of the underlying HLS
muxers called up via the tee's fifo slaves. More details in the ticket.

What I've discovered by extensively studying this behavior is that when
dealing with fragmented mp4, the HLS muxer (as configured above) will
definitely fail to re-create the init.mp4 file should the target path (on a
local or remote filesystem) go missing.

This is still present with ffmpeg git head, compiled a few hours ago.

Case in point: Simulating failures with unstable NFS mounts, using the same
recovery options for fifo work flawlessly for DASH where the init segments
per variant are successfully re-created but the same doesn't carry over for

What gives?

Are there specific tee and fifo muxer settings I can try out to resolve



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