[FFmpeg-user] Question on AVFoundation and importing from a DV-VCR

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 07:05:02 EET 2020


> I have been trying to get a direct import from a Sony DSR-45 DV Deck. Using OS X Final Cut Pro hot annoying with various issues.
> Does anyone have suggestions or a method for doing this better? I have 500-600 more DV tapes to ingest.
> Using this command brings in a 12GB DVVIDEO files

Do you mean how it reaches the end of tape and refuses to finish saving, and if you force quit the files not usable?? And also does FCPX seem to lose control over the deck for no reason at all sometimes? I had a hell of a time and ended up using boot camp and premier pro as a workaround, macOS Catalina doesn't seem to like dv at all and hates HDV only marginally less.

Scene detection for splitting doesn’t seem too appealing, try if more direct access to the deck gives you more options with libdc1394. (personally I would either downgrade to mojave and use final cut there, or install windows 10 and premier with their trial/nfr licenses and archive all the dv tapes you have now. Even on mojave the newer versions of FCPX are finicky with tape decks :/)

Ted Park

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