[FFmpeg-user] How to change overlay parameter at runtime

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Fri Mar 27 12:23:46 EET 2020

Am 27.03.2020 um 11:07 schrieb foxtail mega:
> Clarification regarding information (x,y for overlay filter).
> I am using ffmpeg for mobile devices so i am using flutter-ffmpeg. Now
> i am using dart language for supplying x and y co-ordinates to ffmpeg
> instance. Issue is, after i run the ffmpeg command, there is no way i
> am able to change the coordinates, so i have to stop running ffmpeg
> instance, and then re-run ffmpeg with changed coordinates.
> I guess i will check for suggested solution of realtime filter and
> sendcmd. I am not sure if that would work though.

A similar question was asked some time ago here:

One of the suggested solutions was FFmpeg's zmq filter. But I never 
found a working example for it. If you figure out how it works, please 
write a short documentation and let me know.


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