[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg not making videos unique after re-encode

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 13:49:28 EET 2020


> In case you rendering the same project in premiere pro 2 times (the raw
> code of output file in one place have differences, which makes raw code not
> totally same). When rendering 2 times same project in FFmpeg, 2 output
> files have Totally Same Raw Code.

I didn’t know this happened, I thought tags about the encoded time etc were added but apparently not. Same build ffmpeg, same parameters, same metadata, software encoder, and I get bit identical output as well (at least for simple files).

AME almost definitely adds encoded time at least, plus whatever id it adds to associate it with the bin or project. If they were encoded by cpu only (specifying 10+ bpc on a machine with a not-so-great GPU is one way to do this) with the same parameters, I think the result would be the same once you sanitize the output of metadata.

Though with AME I don’t know how to ensure the same encoding parameters… Since not all of them are available for me to specify I assume at least some of them are managed by the program.

Ted Park

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