[FFmpeg-user] How to change overlay parameter at runtime

foxtail mega foxtailmegadeveloper at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 15:13:28 EET 2020

Yes I need to try that interactive mode by pressing '?' At runtime and let
me see if it changes filter parameters or not.

On Fri 27 Mar, 2020, 6:31 PM Gyan Doshi, <ffmpeg at gyani.pro> wrote:

> On 27-03-2020 03:37 pm, foxtail mega wrote:
> > Clarification regarding information (x,y for overlay filter).
> >
> > I am using ffmpeg for mobile devices so i am using flutter-ffmpeg. Now
> > i am using dart language for supplying x and y co-ordinates to ffmpeg
> > instance. Issue is, after i run the ffmpeg command, there is no way i
> > am able to change the coordinates, so i have to stop running ffmpeg
> > instance, and then re-run ffmpeg with changed coordinates.
> >
> > I guess i will check for suggested solution of realtime filter and
> > sendcmd. I am not sure if that would work though.
> realtime filter is irrelevant here since you're using -re.  sendcmd
> parses its argument once at init, so can't be used to add or change
> arguments.
> What you can do is send directives to ffmpeg via stdin. One of the
> directives is 'c' to send commands to filters which support commands.
> While running ffmpeg, press ? to see list and syntax of available
> directives.
> Gyan
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