[FFmpeg-user] lagfun misunderstanding?

Zedsquared robin at cqr-ltd.com
Sun Mar 29 19:09:14 EEST 2020

>It's a decimal input which is then treated as a binary bitmask. So dec
>10 becomes bin 1010 i.e. filter the 1st and 3rd planes.

Ah! that would explain a lot!  

I can confirm I'm still confused, however..

My understanding is that RGB24 has three planes, red then green then blue.
>From your example it seems the masks act big endian so bit 0x08 represents
the first plane and bit 0x02 the third?

Using planes=10 ( should be Red  and Blue) gives a trail effect on the blue,
there is no strong red in that source:
see http://www.robinbussell.co.uk/mov/greenlagtest11.mp4

However using planes=4 (should be G plane by my reasoning) seems to have no


Just for completeness, here is

planes= 2 :http://www.robinbussell.co.uk/mov/greenlagtest13.mp4 .. blue
trails evident 

In the above examples I also turned up the green before lagfun so full line
for last example is:

 ffmpeg -i IMG_1685.MOV -q:v 0 -vcodec h264 -acodec aac -strict -2 -filter:v



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