[FFmpeg-user] lagfun misunderstanding?

Zedsquared robin at cqr-ltd.com
Sun Mar 29 20:42:55 EEST 2020

>Try this workaround:

>ffmpeg -i IMG_1685.MOV -filter_complex
-t 5 -y greenlagtest.mp4


Thanks Micheal!  I''ll have to take some time to see what's going on there
but I get the gist I think (I've not been near complex filters yet), you're
splitting the planes out and only running  lagfun on green then merging the
other two back in. Nice.

I'd still like to know what's up with the planes argument in lagfun, seems
the docs assume quite a lot of background knowledge that I've yet to
acquire, that's the trouble with diving into the middle of them. 

Good fun getting my teeth stuck into this stuff though!

Thanks to all the devs who made this amazing software available for mere
mortals like me to play with.


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