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Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 22:14:10 EET 2020

Am So., 1. Nov. 2020 um 19:49 Uhr schrieb juan carlos rebate
<nerus492 at gmail.com>:

> Good afternoon, sorry that it took so long to update this thread, well I am still trying
> to use uar ffmpeg in my own way, but it seems that everything is going against me,
> now the problem is that if I try to compile in windows the process seems to be it
> carries out but then it doesn't actually do anything, it doesn't compile the
> executables or the dll, but in linux if you want to use the same set of commands,
> to compile I do the following:
> I introduce it in the form of a column so that it does not occupy too much
> ./configure
> --arch=x86_64
> --target-os=mingw32
> --cross-prefix=x86_64-w64-mingw32-
> --prefix=/usr/local
> --pkg-config=pkg-config
> --pkg-config-flags=--static

> --extra-cflags=-static

Is this a useful option?

> --extra-ldflags=-static

(This option sometimes causes issues and I believe it should not
be necessary on Windows)

> --extra-libs="-lm -lz -fopenmp"

Why is this necessary?
Is there a bug we don't know about?
(Or just a bug in an external library?)

> --enable-static
> --disable-shared

These are unneeded.

> --enable-nonfree
> --enable-gpl
> --enable-avisynth
> --enable-libaom
> --enable-libfdk-aac
> --enable-libfribidi
> --enable-libmp3lame
> --enable-libopus
> --enable-libsoxr
> --enable-libvorbis
> --enable-libvpx
> --enable-libx264
> --enable-libx265

> Make

(I suspect there is no operating system with a command "Make")

> If I compile it in linux in this way it compiles well, although along the way it
> tells me that some codecs are deprecated but it does compile, but this
> same set of commands in windows does not compile, if it indicates that it
> does but does not produce the final link, this it only happens to me with ffmpeg.

Very generally, I would not expect the same non-trivial configure line
to work on
Linux and Windows (think of cross- vs native compilation).

> I have tried both with cygwin and with the monster developed by microsoft,

> (the wsl2)

In my tests, I saw some issues with wsl2, I recommend wsl (1)
for FFmpeg Windows compilation.

Carl Eugen

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