[FFmpeg-user] Decrease CPU usage?

Diego Patricio Durante diego at inipop.com
Mon Nov 2 09:34:14 EET 2020

Hello Carl, thanks for your reply, and sorry for the external links.

I'm only downsampling the video bit rate and the fps, but CPU
consumptions are not as low as I'd like (for a video of 640x480 to
make it of 10fps with as low as 200kbit/s, it consumes about 15~20% of
a core and it increases if I increase the video bit rate).

Do you know if there are compilation tricks that can improve the running speed?

PD: Thanks for the suggestion, I should benchmark it better but in the
first tests, presets worked for extreme cases (preset ultrafast) but
are not producing changes for fast or faster

Thanks for everything. Best regards,

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