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Marc Erickson marcerickson at gmail.com
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I don't ask anyone to do my research for me.  I'm a novice so I have difficulty with anything other than step by step directions.  I followed some, they didn't work, followed another, they didn't work, followed some that were supposed to be definitive, they didn't work, I tried again with the same ones (they've been wrong or out of date for at least two years which I didn't know at the time), and they still didn't work.

Yes, I was using Google intermittently in trying to figure out what was going wrong.  Haven't you noticed that Googles results have been far worse for about the last three years?  At least for me they are.

It was at that point after two eight hour days working on the task that I asked for help.

Is that the price now for admittance to and help from a Linux forum?  One has to pass an entrance exam detailing what they've done, their search results, and how long they've been working on the problem unassisted?

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