[FFmpeg-user] JSON structure for -h all and any other instructional output

baloneymaster baloneymaster at protonmail.com
Tue Nov 3 02:52:42 EET 2020

I am creating my own CLI wrapper for ffmpeg. I am designing it so that you can build a command line by selecting various options from dropdown lists. In order to do this, you need some kind of document that can be parsed, but I am finding that there is very little structure in the output generated by -h all as well as other outputs for anything command-line-related.

For example, here are the specs for the channel_coupling switch:

-channel_coupling boolean
Enables/Disables use of channel coupling

Selected by Encoder (default)

Disable Channel Coupling

Enable Channel Coupling

I would like to that in a deserializable format like JSON here:

"ArgName": "channel_coupling",
"Description": "Enables/Disables use of channel coupling [etc etc]",
"DataType": "boolean",
"Values": [

Otherwise, the only way to get this structured is to parse the document which is virtually impossible given how there is no structural uniformity. Any way to get all output text in JSON like you can with ffmpegprobe?

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