[FFmpeg-user] where to post suggestion for the documentation?

Steve Newcomb srn at coolheads.com
Tue Nov 3 21:04:52 EET 2020

On 11/3/20 12:53 PM, Carl Zwanzig wrote:
> AND, that [advice about inheriting unnamed pipes] might not apply when 
> running on another OS with different pipe semantics or permissions. 
Too true.  I don't know.  (I'm using Debian Linux, FWIW.)  Some 
all-knowing set of  OS mavens should certainly review and edit the 
sentence I wrote before it gets plopped into the documentation.

I must be older than you, Carl.  I began using Solaris Unix in 1980, and 
I personally installed Florida State University's very first ethernet at 
that time.  A little later I was among the first to install SVR4 on an 
80386 (as I recall, it took over 100 diskettes to do it).

Linux is better.  Communities do better work than commercial entities 
ever could, and there are good reasons why that is so.

Advice to everyone: Always strengthen and grow your community. Never 
weaken or shrink it.  Welcome the stranger.  Celebrate and honor 
differences and distinctions.  Bury the hatchet.  Share the ordeal.  
Give credit to the others.  Contribute.  Etc. etc. etc. The payoff is big.

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