[FFmpeg-user] what happened to p7 & other nvenc presets in ffmeg ?

andrei ka andrei.k.gml at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 12:31:33 EET 2020

hi all,

could plz someone wise me up, in some google searches p7 preset showed up
in ffmpeg some time ago (at the same time with slow, so, today's ffmpeg
"slow" may and may not by a rename of p7), nvidia still publish p7 preset
results for cuda 11.* sdk, there's NvenC on git (chinise encoder based on
sdk, not ffmpg related), it also does have p7 (with cuda11). so, what is it
about, is p7 available somehow in 4.3.* + cuda 11* or not, was it renamed,
merged etc ? i'm trying to get the max IQ possible from cuda (on a given
card) ?


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