[FFmpeg-user] asubboost and asupercut

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Fri Nov 27 20:03:53 EET 2020


I have a few questions about the asubboost and asupercut filters.

-- In asubboost it's not yet clear how the block diagram of the filter 
looks like. Especially the "decay" and "feedback" options are unclear. 
What's the input of the the delay line? Before or after the low pass 
filter? Where does the feedback go to? Before or after the lowpass 
filter? I have attached a sketch of a possible block diagram, but it's 
only a wild guess.

-- What's the unit of "delay"? Is it milliseconds? Or is it audio samples?

-- Is it correct that the "slope" parameter effectively changes the 
cutoff frequency, but doesn't change the steepness (dB / octave) of the 

-- What's the difference between "asupercut" and "lowpass" filter? 
What's the filter steepness of the asupercut filter?

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