[FFmpeg-user] Streamlink + ffmpeg error: Pipe copy aborted

Beta2k wetz.peter at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 11:37:53 EET 2020

I use Streamlink (which uses ffmpeg in the background) to download a video
with the following command:

> streamlink  --hls-live-restart -o test.mp4
> "https://aivottjab-a.akamaihd.net/IAD/jab-assets/jab-prod-iad/out/v1/732334e942a4465b8af9b21077d4e61d/cenc-083bb0.mpd?encoding=segmentBase&amznDtid=AOAGZA014O5RE"
> 720p

shortly before the download finishes (at around 10GB), I get the following
ffmpeg error:

[19:48:27,437][stream.dash][debug] Download of segment:
[download][test.mp4] Written 9.97 GB (1h24m58s @ 1.0 MB/s)                                                         
[19:49:27,503][stream.ffmpegmux][error] Pipe copy aborted:
[19:49:27,518][stream.ffmpegmux][error] Pipe copy aborted:

See the last line saying "Pipe copy aborted". The error seems to be thrown
by streamlink. See here the section in the source code:

I already posted this issue to Streamlink, but the community is not that
active, so I dont expect an answer to be honest. Does anyone of you know why
this fails and how this can be mitigated?

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