[FFmpeg-user] Using GPU with ffmpeg

Rodney Baker rodney.baker at iinet.net.au
Mon Nov 30 15:19:55 EET 2020

On Monday, 30 November 2020 18:51:28 ACDT madderek--- via ffmpeg-user wrote:
> Do you want the actual video file? This will be several GB.  How do I post
> this?  I didn't think it was necessary since I'm only asking if it's
> possible to speed up the process using GPU.  If you do I'll prepare a
> smaller file.
> Sorry, despite investigating I don't understand the top posting.
> Derek

Top posting means you post your reply at the top of the message, before the 
text you're replying to, instead of inline like this (trimming unnecessary 
content) to maintain the flow of conversation. 

What the dev's are requesting is the complete, uncut console output that 
ffmpeg prints to the command-line window when you executate the command, from 
the time you enter the command to the time it finishes (including the banners 
showing version information). They don't need the sample input files or 
resulting output file unless specifically requested. 

Rodney (not a dev but a long-time user). 

Rodney Baker VK5ZTV
rodney.baker at iinet.net.au
CCNA #CSCO12880208

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