[FFmpeg-user] Does FFMpeg support the new IMF format?

Pierre-Anthony Lemieux pal at sandflow.com
Wed Aug 11 22:57:36 EEST 2021

Good morning/evening,

Quick note that I have been working with Valentin Noel and
Marc-Antoine Arnaud on adding IMF as an input format to FFMPEG:


In particular, the objective is to support (a) demuxing of image and
audio virtual tracks (including multichannel audio routing) and (b)
supplemental packages.

Below is sample usage:

ffmpeg -assetmaps ASSETMAP.xml -i
CPL_da656e28-ae37-4734-8b8f-c5b2aa187783.xml out.mp4

Other details at:


We plan to submit a patchset in the coming weeks, unless unforeseen
gremlins pop-up.

Feedback/comments are welcome, as always.


-- Pierre

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