[FFmpeg-user] Why FFMPEG?

Moritz Barsnick barsnick at gmx.net
Sun Aug 15 22:47:12 EEST 2021

On Sun, Aug 15, 2021 at 21:28:12 +0200, Android PowerUser wrote:
> If FFMPEG is a collection of codecs then why are the most memory efficient
> codecs not available. The most memory-efficient waveform encoder xhe-aac,
> the most memory-efficient video codec VVC, the most memory-efficient image
> codec AVIF

What are you trying to say? Which media framework are you using instead
which supports these?

> ISOBMFF as in HEIF), not even the most memory-efficient vocoder Codec2 can
> be used without other downloads.

"without other downloads"? If you mean libocdec2: Some other team made
an effort to create a usable library, and ffmpeg makes use of it.
Where's the problem? The same is the case for H.264 via libx264 and
HEVC via libx265. (ffmpeg has no native encoders for these either.)

> So a cross-device codec collection is a good idea, but then you should do
> it right. I can't help with that, but those who can and have so far
> partially done it should end it.  Otherwise it doesn't make any sense ...
> right?

Creating and integrating codecs is not done easily. If you can't
contribute with code, you can surely sponsor a group of developers.

It does make sense though: HEVC is still being established, so
widespread use of VVC seems far away. Sure, a leading codec would be
nice, and I'm sure it's in the making, but it doesn't just appear


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