[FFmpeg-user] Why FFMPEG?

Android PowerUser tschikruma at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 03:58:29 EEST 2021

A full backup is always available.  I'm not stupid.  It would not be a
problem if the cell phone broke.  Well except that I would need a new one.
I don't let the cloud manage my data either.  Operation on a computer takes
significantly longer.  Instead of simply tapping on it, you first have to
go there with the mouse.  Especially bad with the trackpad.  Sometimes they
just start swimming.  And then there are the extremely small buttons, poor
overview, because everything is forced onto one screen and even with a
touchscreen on a laptop one would have to maneuver with the shoulders -
this is imprecise, inefficient and exhausting.  And with a PC, I'm tied to
one place.  I just can't go to the couch.  That's not work either, it's
free time.  Can also be used with FFMPEG😉.  And that's how I handle it.
If this were work for me, I wouldn't be doing it.

Reindl Harald <h.reindl at thelounge.net> schrieb am Mo., 16. Aug. 2021, 02:19:

> Am 16.08.21 um 01:39 schrieb Android PowerUser:
> > Many have a smartphone and need one, but not everyone has a PC.  You can
> > save more money if you give yourself the money instead of for a PC and
> use
> > your smartphone as a PC right away. Everything on one device is more
> > convenient as there is no need to switch or constantly remembering
> > developer options for multiple types of devices.
> sorry, but i value my data and no cloud for me
> if that PC dies i just put my 4 disks in the next one and continue
> working, have fun doing a full backup on a smartphone and restore it on
> a different device
> i can't take people serious which only use a smartphone, in that case
> you don't do any serious work - before i swipe around on such a mini
> shit-device for serious taks they can wait until i come home or to the
> office
> this shit is nice for browsing on thge couch, write some comments and
> that's it - even for youtube it's shit compared to my 65" TV
> > Reindl Harald <h.reindl at thelounge.net> schrieb am Mo., 16. Aug. 2021,
> 00:00:
> >
> >>
> >>
> >> Am 15.08.21 um 23:01 schrieb Android PowerUser:
> >>> The use case is simple:
> >>>
> >>> why do we use codecs at all:
> >>> It's easy, files will simply become incredibly large.  Stream would be
> >>> impossible and send via Whatsapp (16 MB lock).  Saving on a low budget
> >>> device would also not be possible.  Then of course you also want the
> most
> >>> memory-efficient.  Either all or nothing.  Even on the PC, most of the
> >>> talked about would still not be on FFMPEG.  I also do it on my
> smartphone
> >>> because it is super easy, convenient
> >>
> >> convenient? *lol*
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