[FFmpeg-user] Struggling with audio of multipart stream

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Fri Dec 3 03:22:18 EET 2021

> I have a TPLink Kasa IP camera, which can be coaxed into sending a live or
> recorded stream. It looks like this:

That looks like some sort of custom format, perhaps to make it easier
to stream over HTTP to a browser.

I am guessing if you want to use this stream you'll probably have to
write your own code to parse it and strip out the audio and video

> I can view or transcode the video, but it throws a lot of errors and
> doesn't seem to see the audio stream. Can anybody help?

That's because it's not a normal video format and you're just lucky the
video decoder is able to pick out usable frames amongst all the other
"rubbish" that isn't video.

Unless you want to write some custom code, you're better off figuring
out how to get the camera to send it in a proper format.

Almost all cameras offer some kind of streaming, perhaps via RTP or
RTSP, maybe requiring ONVIF to discover the URL, etc. so this one can
almost certainly do it too, if you can just figure out how.

It will by far be the better solution.


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