[FFmpeg-user] help with pipe command ffmpeg

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Thu Dec 9 08:12:23 EET 2021

> i want to know how to output to a windows named pipe and reference
> that in c++ code as input ...
> kindly share some working command line examples of ffmpeg.exe
> googling is not much help full, tired of it...

It seems that using named pipes is not very common.  If you still want
to use them you will probably have to work it out for yourself,
otherwise using a more common approach will give you more examples to
look at.

I would suggest using sockets instead as there is probably much more
code for this, and you won't be limited to Windows as socket code will
also work on non-Windows platforms.

For example if you output to udp:// then the traffic
still won't leave the machine (so same as using named sockets) but you
can use standard UDP reception code to receive the data - there are
plenty of examples for how to listen to UDP traffic in C++.  Also, you
could move the transmission and reception programs to different
machines one day if you choose to, which is much harder with named


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