[FFmpeg-user] onvif use

mac de paz macdepaz at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 14 21:44:34 EET 2021

Hello, good afternoon
I have got a IP camera in an app where I have had to log in. In the app's setting it appears the posibility of setting up Onvif with an user and password. My intention is to record the camera using ffmpeg. I have tried to reproduce the streaming without success:

ffplay http://admin:password@

and to record it in various protocols and formats:

ffmpeg -i http://admin:password@ stream.h264
ffmpeg -i rtsp://admin:password@ stream.mp4

Nothing happens and when I cancel with "ctrl + c" appear
"Exiting normally, received signal 2."

I have been able to see the camera in software under Windows such as AnyCam or IP Camera Viewer ( is detected as PPS IPC based on ONVIF MINI 9T). But I am a linux user and I prefer to use ffmpeg

Do you have any sugestion? Thank you very much.

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