[FFmpeg-user] onvif use

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Wed Dec 15 00:52:58 EET 2021

> I have tried to reproduce the streaming without success:
> ffplay http://admin:password@
> and to record it in various protocols and formats:
> ffmpeg -i http://admin:password@ stream.h264
> or
> ffmpeg -i
> rtsp://admin:password@
> stream.mp4
> Nothing happens and when I cancel with "ctrl + c" appear
> "Exiting normally, received signal 2."

How did you find these URLs?  FFmpeg doesn't have ONVIF support so you
normally have to use an ONVIF program to query the camera and ask it
for its streaming URLs, and then pass those to FFmpeg.

> I have been able to see the camera in software under Windows such as
> AnyCam or IP Camera Viewer ( is detected as PPS IPC based on ONVIF
> MINI 9T). But I am a linux user and I prefer to use ffmpeg

See if you can find a Linux-compatible ONVIF utility (doesn't have to
be a viewer, there are command-line ones around) and use that to
request the available streaming URLs from the camera.  Usually there are
multiple URLs and the one you pick depends on the codec and video
resolution you prefer.


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