[FFmpeg-user] Getting m3u8 URL from SVTPlay channels?

Moritz Barsnick barsnick at gmx.net
Sun Dec 26 22:10:05 EET 2021

On Sun, Dec 26, 2021 at 08:26:34 +0100, Bo Berglund wrote:
> 1) I already have several of the tools mentioned (ytube-dl, yt-dlp, svtplay-dl
> etc), but they did not manage to download the real-time streams from SVT.

I double-checked this. The svtplay-dl binary offered as a download
(version 4.10) seems to be broken. It has a date parsing error which
seems to be fixed in the git version (and the fix should be in 4.10, so

With the git version, I get this result:

[barsnick at goodtimes svtplay-dl]$ ./svtplay-dl --live --only-video -g https://www.svtplay.se/kanaler/svt1

And ffmpeg can handle that given URL just fine.

(Funny thing: Since SVT seems to have separate substream manifests for
video and audio now, svtplay-dl apparently currently cannot give you
both those URLs with "-g", you get only a pure video URL. With the
"--only-video" only "--only-audio" option as shown above, I get the
overall manifest which includes three stream qualities. If you throw
that at ffmpeg, it will select the best stream qualities by itself, or
you can just do "-map 0:M -map 0:N".)

> 3) The problem is that some broadcasts are not available after the fact (like
> some sports events) and have to be "recorded" in real time off of the stream
> itself.

I agree, I do the same once in a while. :-)

> This is why I wanted to create a PVR script to handle that. The script would be
> called with a start time, duration and channel name (SVT has 4 different
> channels) as well as an output file name. The scheduling would use the at
> command to start the script at a specific time for unattended recording.

I do this not with a start time, but as an "at" job.
$ at 21:55
> ffmpeg -i > "https://svt1-d.akamaized.net/se/svt1/manifest.mpd?defaultSubLang=1" -c copy -t 2:10:00 /path/to/mounted/PVR/'SVT1 - The name of the show'.ts -y
> ^D

Lykke til,

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