[FFmpeg-user] Please advise

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Thu Dec 30 10:46:13 EET 2021

> I have received 2 replies to my topic.
> And both are asking for me to provide clarification.
> I don't see any way to reply to them.

You should have gotten the replies via e-mail.  Use 'Reply All' so that
the ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org e-mail address is in the To or CC field in
your reply e-mail and everything else will work automatically.  If
you're not accessing the list via e-mail then you should do so as
e-mail is the only method managed by the people here.  There are
alternatives but they are run by third parties so you'd have to direct
your questions to them instead.

> Please advise how I can reply to their replies.

Please also try to use a better subject when you post messages.  The
subject is supposed to be a short summary of your message so that
people on the list can focus in on messages they can help with, as
there are a lot of people here with very different areas of expertise.
"Please advise" isn't a good subject because obviously anyone sending a
message wants advice, so it goes without saying.  In this case a better
subject would've been "How do I respond to a message", which neatly
summarises what you are asking.

If you use a poor choice of subject it means you are less likely to get
people to respond.


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