[FFmpeg-user] How to fix old video with ffmpeg command line

Robert Jeffares jeffares.robert at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 22:17:48 EET 2021

Hi Stephen,

there is a basic rule in the broadcast industry: Garbage in; Garbage out!

How did the videos look before you sent them in to the professional 
duplication shop?

Ideally you have the Video 8 recorder. Put the tape in and play it out 
over a reasonable size monitor.

If the video is clear all the way through it may be the player at the 
duplication house is not aligned with your player.

Do the same with the VHS if you have the camera.

Is the video on the dvd the same as your source video?

If it is not, you may be better to source a ripping dongle and copy the 
video on to your PC directly from the recording machine.

now to your questions:

1) To upgrade the resolution ?
2) To enhance the video quality
3) To fix blurry video ?

You are never going to upgrade the resolution/quality, you are able to 
make what you have look better by applying some process like unsharp mask.

Blurry is likely to continue to be blurry.

  man ffmpeg-filters

is a good place to start, and some experiments may make what you have 
look a bit better.


may help as well

Remember you are only as good as the source material and you may be able 
to make what you have look better by carefully taking bits away.

4) To fix the noise ?

Audio processing is possible. What kind of noise is it?

If there is hum roll off below 100Hz. Hiss; roll off above 7kHz.

The filters available are comprehensive.

In some noise situations gating the audio between words can improve the 
sound if there is some noise in the background that is annoying.

Remember, the first thing is to check how accurate the copy you have had 
made is.

Sometimes videos stored for a long time need to be spooled through and 
back to make sure the video will play as smoothly as possible.

VHS never copies that well V8 is alignment [azimuth] critical and be 
aware the technology of that time is not as good as what we have today.

Would be interested in seeing a clip not a still. Can you upload 30 sec 
or so to a dropbox service?



On 1/01/22 3:56 am, Stephen Liu via ffmpeg-user wrote:
> Hi all.
> I have old analogue video captured on V8 and VHS tapes in about 1990.  Recently I sent the tapes to a profession shop ripping the video on DVD as .VOB format.  I found certain sections of the old video not very clear.  Please refer to attached photo.
> Please advise how to run ffmpeg to enhance the unclear sections on the video?
> What function shall I run the ffmpeg command lines;
> 1) To upgrade the resolution ?
> or
> 2) To enhance the video quality
> or
> 3) To fix blurry video ?
> or
> 4) To fix the noise ?
> or
> others
> Please advise.  Thanks in advance
> Regards
> Stephen L
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