[FFmpeg-user] id3 'Comments' metadata tag not accessible/writeable in ffmpeg?

MediaMouth communque at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 23:23:33 EET 2021

I've been trying to write content to the 'comment' tag in mp3 using FFmpeg.

This wiki page <https://wiki.multimedia.cx/index.php/FFmpeg_Metadata> suggests the 'comment' (aka 'comments' [plural]) tag is not accessible to ffmpeg.
Perhaps that page isn't the final word on the subject?

This stackoverflow page <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16082729/ffmpeg-multiline-text-in-metadata-comment-tag> suggests it was at one point accessible.
And this stackoverflow page <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61981314/cant-give-metadata-of-comment-to-mp3-file-using-ffmpeg> has a number of explanations...
- That the syntax might be -metadata comm=MyComment or -metadata COMM=MyComment (Neither worked)
- That the "-comment parameter is only used when providing a graphic to embed" (which seems possibly incorrect, because in Apple Music the 'comments' tag is accessible and editable with or without album art)
- That the -comment parameter is accessible on as an ID3v1 tag (also seems incorrect.  Again, Apple music in ID3v2.4 handles comments just fine)

So far I haven't found any other documentation on this.

Does anyone know if there Is there a way to get FFmpeg to edit the id3 (for mp3 files) 'comment' tag?

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