[FFmpeg-user] No audio on ffmpeg output

Peter White peter.white at posteo.net
Thu Mar 4 20:01:56 EET 2021

On 04.03.21 17:17, Laura Smith via ffmpeg-user wrote:
>   -minrate 6000k -maxrate 6000k -bufsize 6000k -b:v 6000k

I know this is off topic and you are free to ignore this but I cannot
stand having to look at badly encoded videos on the interweb. Why do you
force a constant bitrate? I see that those are the example settings on
the mentioned website but, unless there is a very good reason, one
should never use constant bitrate.

Maybe have a look into -crf. You might even get way smaller files with
better visual quality. One can still constrain the maximum bitrate but
forcing a minrate is just ridiculous. If -crf won't do, there is also an
abr (average bitrate) mode or even two-pass encoding, which provides the
best control over final bitrate. If the final bitrate is not important
CRF (constant rate factor) is the way to go.


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