[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg list footer

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Tue Mar 9 13:47:44 EET 2021

Am 09.03.2021 um 12:36 schrieb Nicolas George:
> mX (12021-03-09):
>> Can someone with list admin access (admins at foot of this email)
>> please update the footer for this mailing list to assist new posters -
>> because few people read the list FAQ and the devs and regulars spend
>> too much time reminding posters of the list rules. I'm suggesting the
>> following but please discuss:
>> <footer>
>> . Do not top-post i.e. reply *below* last thread message.
>> . Include complete terminal command/all information.
>> . Include uncut console output (trim excess/repeating lines).
>> . Upload sample video to public servers and include a link.
>> . Delete all footers, sigs, other junk before replying.
> What makes you think the people who do not read the list guidelines and
> FAQ will read the list footer?

I think it's more likely that someone who subscribes to the list reads 
some other messages before he posts his own message. It's not sure that 
he did read the list guidelines and FAQ.


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