[FFmpeg-user] I am a new ffmpeg user...

Barry Smith bnsmith002 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 04:30:20 EET 2021

I need to recode some rips that I made from a DVD collection. I want
to use a different set of options to make my rips smalled. I am not
looking to distribute torrents or put my legal rips anywhere except on
a USB flash drive.
So, after searching the internet, I found out about FFDSHOW. sounded
like the perfect solution for what I wanted to do.
So, I found the download page on the main ffdshow website, and I
downloaded a Windows "full build" file 7zip'd from the git hub site.
I had absolutely no problem at all. the name pf the file is

I looked through the archive, and couldn't find ANY install.* or
setup.* so I extracted  the archive.

I'm trying to read through the doc folder, but  even though this "full
build" was bui;t specifically for Windows, there is absolutely NOTHING
about how to move the list of required files into the system or
system32 directories. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing about setting up a
"Programs" or "Program Files " subfolder or "Program Files(x86)"

There is absolutely NOTHING about putting all of the package together
where a PATH could find the files correctly. This is a FULL BUILD
package and there is nothing about putting the FULL BUILD  package
into the path! There is absolutely NOTHING even from a previous
version of Windows 3.1/95/XT AT... NOTHING at all about placing FFMPEG
onto any Windows environment so that the executables will be found.

You talk about the options for the command line... but you don't
mention putting ANY file where Windows can actually find the
executable or any lib file or absolutely ANYTHING about placing FFMPEG
on a windows system so that a windows user can get the tool to work.

It would be normal to open cmd, do a CD to where your workfiles are,
and then run FFMPEG from the commandline by typing  "ffmpeg
{optionlist}" but there is no COPYING. in your 7zip file.

Can I get some hints on makimg Windows do some of the work that it was
built to do out-of-the-box? some standard environment variables to use
when executing? Something?

Thank you for your help on trying to figure out how to copy/move the
files from under
to maybe "C:\Windows\System" or "C:\Windows\System32"?

ok... was "ffmpeg-2021-03-09-git-c35e456f54-full_build" built for
32-bit or 64-bit? Probably 32-bit, but I don't even know from looking
at anything yet inluded in the 7zip file.

these are questions that i need answered before I csn even execute any
of the 4 tools included in the build in the bin/ folder.
Barry Smith
c *in process*
e bnsmith002 at gmail.com
w1 https://bit.ly/3drRKmL
w2 http://bit.ly/l8QJup

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