[FFmpeg-user] 'streampatterns' -- a proposed stream structure filter

Mark Filipak (ffmpeg) markfilipak at bog.us
Thu Mar 18 02:27:53 EET 2021

Does something like this scheme already exist? No? Can it be implemented?

Implementation example:
streampatterns=span=20:patterns=p c ccppp ccprp, split=5[p][c][ccppp][ccprp][else],
[p]select=eq(STREAM_PATTERN,p), ... progressive stream ...[prog],
[c]select=eq(STREAM_PATTERN,c), ... scan-interlace stream ...[scan],
[ccppp]select=eq(STREAM_PATTERN,ccppp), ... telecine stream ...[tele],
[ccprp]select=eq(STREAM_PATTERN,ccprp), ... oddball stream ...[oddball],
... mutt streams ...[mutts],

New filter: 'streampatterns', with directives: 'span=' & 'patterns='.
Usage example:
'streampatterns=span=20:patterns=p c ccppp ccprp'.

New flag: 'STREAM_PATTERN', with values dynamically defined by 'streampatterns' filter.
Examples for span==20:
     'p' : 'pppppppppppppppppppp'
     'c' : 'cccccccccccccccccccc'
'ccppp' : 'ccpppccpppccpppccppp'
'ccprp' : 'ccprpccprpccprpccprp'

New (partially existing?) flexable pattern detector that's configured at run time.

Heuristic comb, frame-repeat, and telecine detectors already exist.

Examples seen in the wild.

There's progressive video:
And scan-interlaced video:
And telecined video:
And there's regular oddballs, for example:
And then there's irregular mutts, for example:

Yes, I do know that the secondary streams might need to fix up 'PTS's prior to 'interleave'.

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